The Aryans’ School is an  English medium school, affiliated to CBSE board, in the heart of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. We adopt play-way techniques of teaching even the most complicated concepts. We are proud of our strong inclination towards core Indian values.

We believe that education is not a business. It is a very noble cause and we are an institution strongly motivated towards doing our bit for it. The school follows the motto of “giving back to the society” by producing righteous and responsible citizens.



The Aryans’ School was established formally in the year 2011. The foundation of this institution lies in the idea of “Giving back to the society” and “Seva Parmodharma” (Service is the highest form of dharma)

Since its inception the institution, through its super dedicated & passionate management and its team of highly qualified and hardworking teachers, has been working to produce righteous and upright global citizens.

The school recognises the challenges that we face at the local, regional, national and even at global levels like environmental pollution, divisions in society, gender discrimination etc. Thus, it not only focuses on academic development but also, and more importantly, on the overall personality development of the child so that he/she may become a more aware and considerate person.

The school also recognises the rich cultural heritage of our beloved country and has its values deep rooted in the Indian culture. Be it the ideals of “Vasudeva Kutumbkam” (the entire world is one family) or “ Aa no bhadra kratvo yantu vishrwat” (let noble thoughts come from all directions), the institution aims to spread the true Indian culture of acceptance and tolerance.

“Kartavyam Aacharam Kaamam Akartavyam Anacharam

Tishthati Prakritacharo Ya Sah Arya Iti”

A person who does things which are to be done and who doesn’t do the things which are not to be done; a person who stands by tradition is called “Arya”. In short, he/she who follows the path of dharma (the right action) is “Aryan”.



Helping children to achieve their true potential and to make them responsible, considerate, and compassionate human beings.




To be an internationally recognised educational institution.